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IWP is a leading institute imparting skill based education since last more than 23 years.


Set up in 1998, IWP under the aegis of KLGR Educational Society, formally registered in year 2002 today has grown to be among the leading educational institutes in India imparting skill based teaching in courses such as Fashion Designing, Dress Designing (Garment Construction), Beauty – Make-up, Hair & Skin, Interior Designing, NPTT,B.ed, Stenography, Fine Arts, Computer courses, Digital Marketing and Social media marketing.



Why Choose a Franchise Business?

  • Opportunity to work with, and leverage on, a well-known & established brand name.
  • Brings in a fresh perspective, with two diffrent minds working on the same project.
  • Association with a bigger brand brings with it a status in society.
  • Minimization of risk of failure, due to proven track record of the brand.
  • Learn from some of the best in the industry, while owning a business venture.
  • Exchange of ideas and scope of networking with fellow franchises.
  • Continuous engagement-from per-launch and launch to post-launch.
  • Support in terms of manpower, technology, market research, consumer analysis, etc.


Why Become a IWP Academy Franchise

  • Reg. with govt. of NCT of Delhi.
  • 11 Centres in Delhi NCR, Haryana, UP, Assam, Chhattisgarh & Bihar.
  • 150+ Employees.
  • 25000+ students trained since 1998.
  • Cutting-edge and contemporary programs/products/courses using technology.
  • Goodwill derived from a recognized & respected brand name.
  • Use of logos, brand names, etc, in marketing collaterals & advertising.
  • Marketing collateral support at subsidized rates.
  • High quality (content & printing) academic material & faculty support initiatives.
  • Closed user group messaging systems to ensure knowledge sharing.
  • Technical know-how in academic delivery & pedagogy.
  • Technology-based support for center operations management.
  • Regular training in center operations, academics, productd, sales & marketing.
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